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First entry.

My first post, so it should be about something interesting, right?
I'm sorry but my life is just not that interesting V_V

Today i heard that my mom is in the hospital, so I'm very worried if she will be alright.
Me and my sis will go home two days earlier than we were meaning to, so we can go visit mom.
I hope you will be alright mom,i love you <33333

So no japanese restaurant for us tomorrow, but i dont think i could enjoy it anyways now this happened.
But okay.

The last two weeks were really amazing, and Sarah & I got along just fine,
with ofcourse some little irritations,
but thats how it goes, right.
I will miss hanging out with eachother that much and beeing so close, doing the things we actually want to do, or just beeing lazy.

Watching korean drama's till 7am, and still not beeinh tired, the visits to the wok-it, and meeting a VISUAL KEI japanese guy (o.O his hair was the coolest ever), going shopping, trying to persuade Jin Li to not buy everything we thought was pretty or nice ("ikke kopen vor jou ja??"),  cycling together on one bike in the freaking dark, hardly moving forward, pretending to be english when people talk to you, walking through the streets with bunny ears on, practising Bi/Rain && super junior dances, acting like freaking retards in front of the webcam  and yeah i will even miss carrying the waayyyyyy too heavy grocerie bags.

Oh & how could i forgot our  current obsession:
Super Junior :D

Sarah hun, go find your Hankyung ;D

I had a GREAT time <3

OKAY enough nagging D:

Im gonna eat bami now, i can tell you, i never knew my sis could cook like she does ^__^

Saranghae yo,
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