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Hell yeah; update.

Long time nothing to write about.

Today i stayed at home,
my mum let me,
cause i felt like crap
and started crying without an obvious reason.
So I slept for the whole morning
and i'm still kinda tired,
or more like, feeling weird.

I don't know why but I feel like
whatever I do, I fail too much at things.
I wish i had more willpower and wouldnt give up that quick.
I guess that's mostly just me,
but i hate it,
and I've got so many things left i want to do.

So i started trying to sort out stuff.
In three years I'll finish school,
and go to Fashion school
Meanwhile i wanna take Japanese classes.
SO after 4 year, i will finish fashion school aswell.
Then I want to work for a year,
to save up all the money,
and then, when that year's passed,
I wanna go to Japan,
for like a year,

So that's my plan.
I can't fail at that point,
cause it;s something wayy important for me.

I'm not beeing to hard onmyself here,
it's just how it is. ^^;

OH more nice news:
Only 28 days till Gazette. ♥
Rukeeeeeh~ ( /^o ^)/
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